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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most devastating in history. The spiraling epidemic is a global health catastrophe in which we are all stakeholders. Controlling the epidemic at the source is the highest priority.
Entire health systems are falling under the destructive Ebola strain. Many Local health workers have died trying to treat patients without the right gear. The international response despite many efforts remains inadequate. Some countries worldwide have committed reasonable medical personnel.

Today, UN expects 10,000 new cases of Ebola a week, and there are just a few 4,300 beds made available to treat patients.

Many governments are gradually taking the move, thanks to the intense public attention on the crisis, but most are not delivering fast enough.

UN says we only have weeks to contain this or millions may be under threat. We must pledge now! It is extremely important – We can all chip in something quick to provide the funds needed to support the frontline organizations within our reach.

Funds raised will go for the following items.

Please Make a Donation

$2 USD goes for soap to prevent an infection.
$29 USD provides training for a teacher on Ebola prevention so that children learn how to keep safe from the disease.
$280 USD pays for a full personal protective equipment kit to allow frontline health workers to more safely care for people with Ebola.
$ 3 buys Latex gloves
$ 5 purchases Hand sanitizer
$ 2 will buy Buckets
$ 10 buys spray Disinfectants
$2 will buy disinfecting wipes

Please make a donation
Our quick response to this deadly disease now will not only save lives, it tells how much we value our own lives defines who we are. We are global community that believes in and acts on the threads that join us together as one people.

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