Although a young organization, Global Medicare Foundation has been able to touch many lives in just 3 years of her existence. Thousands of people living in the communities we serve received education on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; several youths have been educated on how to better manage their water resources to avoid been infected by water borne diseases; water management committee of the local community of Mile 16 had their capacity built to better manage their water supply; youth educated on the risk of unsafe sexual habits, consequences of STDs and HIV/AIDS and prevention measures.
Young girls supplied with sanitary pads and empowered on proper management of personal hygiene to prevent infections.
Our volunteers have been playing a vital role to help in providing support to local community actors and building our project work.

We have established relationships with schools and created health clubs in some schools to educate young people on SRHR, STDs, HIV/AIDS and sustainable water management and trained community focal points to sustain our projects and enable staff and volunteers to carefully track the progress of each placement, ensuring that we achieve our long-term goals.

Our volunteers work to increase the impact of our project, run medical outreach programs to provide primary healthcare services to those in need, and work with partner organizations to provide care for those living with disabilities have known much success.

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