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Investing in community healthcare helps to assure no matter what the healthcare system looks like. From basic medical supplies, to education on safe maternal health, nurses and physician recruitment and medical equipment to endowment, each area is essential to our work and to the future.

You can be assured that your moneys are spent locally and as you direct. Global Medicare Foundation does not use any donor funds for operating expenses.

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end-malaria-nowMalaria is a widespread and deadly disease and is responsible for many deaths in most hospitals in Cameroon. 90% of malaria-related deaths occur in semi-urban and rural areas where people live below poverty rate (less a dollar a day). Each year Malaria accounts for 5.57% death in Cameroon and 70% of these deaths are of children under five years old, making malaria one of the leading causes of child mortality in Cameroon.

Something can be done to stop this!!

  • Fast Diagnosis
  • Mosquito nets
  • Treatment

A token of 2$ will purchase basic malaria drugs and a token of 5$ can buy a long lasting treated mosquito net that can take 2 persons.

Infant Mortality

In most rural areas of Cameroon, health facilities are far away and poorly staffed resulting to poor service delivery. More women can have safe deliveries with skilled attendants, more mothers and children vaccinated, increased prenatal medical care, improved child nutrition, and more babies being exclusively breastfed if training and basic child delivery equipment is provided.

Take Action!! 

You can be a powerful change agent that can save a life. You support can improve the health of mothers, newborns, and young children in small villages around Cameroon.


about2GMF HIV/AIDS program focuses on strengthening prevention of mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) programs in rural health centers. Building partnerships between GMF and the Ministry of Health to equip a number of rural health centers with technical support to provide nurse-initiated antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment. This enables more rural women to access ART services. In addition, GMF establishes MTCT support groups to provide women with information on family planning and support for disclosure, and to emphasize the importance of ART adherence and infant follow up. These strategies contributes to an increased uptake of HIV counseling and testing by men and women, increased the provision of accessible MTCT services in rural areas, and also led to the retention of mothers and infants in care.

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