Take Action Now Against Ebola

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most devastating in history. The spiraling epidemic is a global health catastrophe in which we are all stakeholders. Controlling the epidemic at the source is the highest priority. Entire health systems are falling under the destructive Ebola strain. Many Local…...

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GMF intern Laetitia Dorsinville from the USA to work on Health Project

Joining us on the Public Health Project, Laetitia Dorsinville brings her long rich background on public health from the USA and other parts of the world where she has been making valuable contribution to improving health care to rural populations. Laetitia will have the responsibility to carry out research on…...

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GMF WASH project-Health safety at Mile 16 Buea

A safe and sustainable water supply, basic sanitation and good hygiene are fundamental for a healthy, productive and dignified life. And yet many (5%) of the 30,000 inhabitants of poor rural people in Mile 16- Buea lack access to an improved water supply and improved sanitation facilities. The Global Medicare…...

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END MALARIA NOW – Every single minute, a child dies from Malaria

Malaria is responsible for over 50% of deaths among children under five in Cameroon. Despite much efforts put in place by the government of Cameroon through the National Malaria Control Program, malaria continues to be one of the top three causes of morbidity and mortality in the country. Two major…...

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Training of Youths On Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

Youths in Cameroon and particularly in rural areas faces plenty of barriers to care and information about SRH, and other violence, and abuse. First is the frequent assumption that they are not sexually mature enough to have the right to know issues of SRH and therefore some parents do not…...

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GMF Receives Public Health Students From Kristianstad University, Sweden

GMF through partnership with Kristianstad University in Sweden, hosted student studying public health in Cameroon. The aim of this visit was for the student to learn about public health in Cameroon, how people manage their health at workplaces, some of the basic challenges faced by health practioners in Cameroon and…...

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